Philip Cowell is a very bright spark,
who likes a lark, but I'm not
sure about his singing.

John Hegley

What is it?

Pop Up Poet! is exactly that – a poet you invite to pop up in your work, office, conference, festival (or wherever!) to write and speak bespoke poems for you. Whether it's for a day, a week, a Zoom, a three-day conference, or even longer term, bring the beauty, power and hope of poetry to your tribe. Take a step back, listen in to the real conversation (and dreams!) going on, and make contact with soul as you face the awesome challenges that lie ahead.


Poetry is the power of beauty, truth and hope multiplied by a love of language. When celebrated and harnessed authentically, it can help busy people reframe situations and challenges, and take a step back to see the bigger picture. It can encourage new ways of listening and thinking, stimulate bold ideas, encourage creativity and inspiration, and help foster vital human emotion and connection.


Invite award-winning poet and writer Philip Cowell to join your team as Pop Up Poet! With almost 20 years' experience in arts charities and design and sustainability agencies, plus a lifetime's love of reading and writing poetry, Philip can bring you bespoke Pop Up Poet! workshops, commissions and events. Philip's poetry has appeared in Poetry Review, POEM, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Birdbook III, Wanderful and even been bombed out of a helicopter!

Previous experience at the Arvon Foundation, English PEN, Good Chance, Abel & Cole, Here Design, Southbank Centre, Wilderness Festival, Futerra, Pearl Group, McKinsey & Company, London Business Forum and f.r.a. creative.

What's on offer?

Book a poet-in-residence for a conference or client workshop to create a live improvised poem in response to your event or theme

Book a fun team-building poetry workshop (involves some wriggling about!)

Commission a poem - or poetic copy - for a client brief (Philip's worked on everything from a boutique Scottish whisky to a global environmental charity.)

Book a poetry reading at your next team meeting or conference event!

Offer one-to-one or group walking meetings led by your poet-in-residence for inspiration, problem solving and mindfulness.

Commission blog posts exploring key themes for your company from the point of view of your poet-in-residence

Commission a poem for your team, for your annual report or brand, or written with your customers